For Cats

Show Your Cat Some Affection This Winter

Learn how to demonstrate love in ways your cat can understand.


You know the ways your cat prefers to cuddle. Scoop up your kitty and show your love with an unexpected snuggle session.


Cats enjoy petting the way you enjoy a massage. Try petting your cat under the chin and giving one long, smooth stroke from nose to tail.


Cats are avid self-groomers, but many need a little help to keep their fur in tip-top shape. Give your cat a good brushing occasionally; as an added bonus, the brushing feels like a full-body massage to your cat.


Look for healthy treats that will not only give your cat a great taste, but will provide health benefits as well.


Show your cat love with an extended playtime. Get out your cat’s favorite ribbon or try introducing a new toy.

How to Love Cats by Amy Shojai

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Grooming Your Cat
Grooming Your Cat

Get tips for grooming and bathing cats to keep them looking their best.

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