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Please Your Finicky Eater: Tsunami

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Small dogs can be finicky eaters, which might prompt them to beg for table scraps. It isn’t always easy to say no to those big, beautiful eyes. But feeding human food might make dogs less likely to eat their own food, which could lead to more begging. Learn why Amanda started feeding her dog, Tsunami, a nutritious, balanced diet tailored for small breeds. It not only helped resolve her dog’s health problems, but Tsunami loved the taste, too.

Our Natural Ingredients
Our Natural Ingredients

Our great-tasting, natural ingredients provide complete nutrition and health benefits.

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Proper Life-Stage Feeding
Proper Life Stage Feeding

See how Purdee Ladi went from being tough to care for to providing care for others.

small breed big taste
Small Breed. Big Taste.

Give your small breed dog the taste even finicky eaters enjoy.

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