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The Pets of Halloween

We asked our fans on Facebook to share photos of their dogs and cats dolled up for Halloween. Check out this slideshow of what pet parents sent us!
Jitters The Wizard

Austin the Cowboy (Pet Parent: Gloria Johnson)

Band It The Referee

Bandit the Referee (Pet Parent: Dori Sherman Reeves)

Abby The Diva

Abby the Diva (Pet Parent: Rose Bychowski)

Justus The Rockstar

Justus the Rockstar (Pet Parent: Leah Workman)

Caleb The Skeleton

Caleb the Skeleton (Pet Parent: Sue Mead)

Romeo The Tuffguy

Romeo the Tuff Guy (Pet Parent: Deneen Hollywood)

 Sophia Loren The Superhero

Sophia Loren the Super Hero (Pet Parent: Anne Maria Tafoya)

Schooner The Pirate

Schnooner the Pirate (Pet Parent: Sharon Gilbert)

Carl From Up

Carl from "Up" (Pet Parent: Hilary Sandoval)

Gracie As Lady Gaga

Gracie as Lady Gaga (Pet Parent: Tommy)

Yaqui The Mummy

Yaqui the Mummy (Pet Parent: Stephanie Tomoser)

Harley The Headles Shorsemansteed

Harley the Headless Horseman's "Steed" (Pet Parent: Jenn Menze)

Dash The Skunk

Dash the Skunk (Pet Parent: Sara Wise Steffens)

Rocksie The Sockmoney

Rocksie the Sock Monkey (Pet Parent: Kelly Withrow)

Jitters The Wizard

Jitters the Wizard (Pet Parent: Leah Workman)

Harley The Headles Shorsemansteed

Hurley the Underdog (Pet Parent: Sue Bills Kibler)

Rebel The Flower

Rebel the Flower (Pet Parent: Deno Ready)

  • Austin The Cowboy_small
  • Band It The Referee_small
  • Abby The Diva Small
  • Just Us The Rockstar Small
  • Caleb The Skeleton Small
  • Romeo The Tuffguy Small
  • Sophia Loren The Superhero Small
  • Schooner The Pirate Small
  • Carl From Up Small
  • Gracieas Lady Gaga Small
  • Yaqui The Mummy Small
  • Harley The Head Less Horsemansteed Small
  • Dash The Skunk Small
  • Rocksie The Sockmoney Small
  • Jitters The Wizard Small
  • Hurley The Underdog Small
  • Rebel The Flower Small
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